Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009: Rememberance Day.

We take a moment to remember those who went to war.

*Remembrance Day* 2009

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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Sunday, November 8, 2009

been missing for a few days...
been fooling around with again.
I kinda dig it now =)

I think what I like most about Tumblr is:
being able to change your URL without creating
a whole new blog. =O

blogger step it up.... although I don't plan on using this FOREVER. Eventually gotta build my own site from scratch. That will most definitely be a task and a half. I'm always up for the challenge though.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear: Crush

I've been having these very vivid dreams.
I'll wake up; in the mornings like... really? Did I even sleep? That felt like 'Reality'. So in the likes of my dreams; ---- >

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

+ Rotation


"When we hit the club. It'll be me and my conceited friend"

... totally not related... but when did that fake booty chick start rapping? haha... Just realized it's kinda relevant cause apparently Nicki wears butt pads. Totally not what I'm talking about though. 'Angela Lola Luv'. Saw a clip on , The industry is crazy, & everyone trying to get a piece. smh
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Book: Awakening Brilliance

So about an hour ago, I finished this enlightening book. Called 'Awakening Brilliance'. In all honesty I'm sure it's a guide to help teachers or educators learn new approaches to educating their students. I've had this book for YEARS. My mom has been trying to get me to read this for ages. I'm not even sure she finished it, I found her bookmark LOL. & by ages I mean... early high school & I've been out for almost 4 years now. Damn time flies. Any who...

Reading the book and interpreting things that I've learned from the book and incorporating them in my everyday life, is the best part of this read. I mean... It was meant for teachers and students to build relationships and healthy work environments, but who says you can't use that in your everyday life? I've learned more about values, and evaluations. "Everyone is unique; and once you are aware of your uniqueness; it's not likely you'll compare yourself to anyone else" Everything stated in the book made total sense. Made me think back to school. A lot of teachers, have different teaching styles, and many are hard on their students... Very few actually reach out to students & build a relationship, where students are not afraid to fail, and learn from their mistakes. To get change, you start with yourself. That information will not go unnoticed.

After reading this book, subtract the appendix... Meant for teachers, to refer to, in making change in their classrooms.

I remember my favorite teacher from high school! He was so nice, and he worked with everyone, creating relationships... Helping others with understanding, and learning. He didn't teach at us. He taught us, and in turn he learned new things from his students. Mr. Murray. =)

I'm glad I finally read this book. I'll be using it everyday. It's 2am and I want to call my mom & thank her, then maybe have her finish the book.... Then give it back lol. Anyways... Good night hunni buns.

LeeSuccess follow me.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Video: Baby By Me

50 cent, & Ne-yo. Starring my favorite
from Destny's Child... Kelly Rowland =)

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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Aren't those not the cutest lipgloss you've ever seen?

Sundays! They're pretty laid back. No running around... Just
me & my bed.. My music.. My books.. & my cigarettes.
... but today is the first of the month. i fckn love it!
♥xInfinity =)

#randomthought : i think my friend is sending me subliminals'
via twitter ; but can't be too sure. sigh*

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Saturday.... was planned out to be a total chill quiet day.
Had some errands to run with my Best Friend.. Then he kidnapped
me for the WHOLE day!!wtf. I mean I appreciate all the time I
spent with my God-Daughter... but DAMN. that was horrible.
It felt like high school all over again.

He's always had a habit of kidnapping me, and bringing me around
a whole bunch of different ppl. When he KNOWS I'm anti-social ; &
I definitely don't mix and mingle. Urgh! AS IF! (lol)

In all seriousness though, it got to the point where my roommate
had to come and sort of save me, but then she was pulled under
the dark cloud too. Finally I had enough, and I made my escape.

Excited for next week. This month is CRUNCH time. I am not
trying to wait until December to do Christmas shopping. & I
can't stand malls.

This entry is the LEAST thought out entry ever. I'm just
typing. I don't know if anything I'm typing even makes
sense. I am THAT tired! --- but whatever.

Ooohh more random stuff. I saw my home girl 989 today. =O
It was kinda from a distance, and she didnt see me. So
now it's kinda sounding like I was stalking her or something.
But really I wasn't I promise! lol .
I'm really just typing this, because I know she reads my blogs.
but i really did see her... shrugs

Ok that is all. No more gibberish.
I'm about to pass out. G'night xoxo
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