Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I guess you can say; I've updated a bit on my myspace page.
I didn't really want to take the time to build a real profound
layout so I just stuck with a color scheme; & kept it real simple.
But none the less ; an update is an update right?

here are also some other updates:
TweetPhoto [uploaded from my Blackberry]

click the link above to be directed there.
(opens in the same window; you may want to hold ctrl down when clicking)

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So Ambitious

I so want this t-shit! Actually, make that two. One to frame and put up on my wall. [yeah I'm being serious] & two: to wear. I can so see it, in a off the shoulder, baggy Tee, with tights and thigh high boots!

Today, while sitting with my nephew, and thinking about business idea's and proposals. Came up with some real dope stuff. Just sit back and wait.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Gettin' Money

Soundtrack of my life.

and do you see my sexy Dollicia is in this video.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marry Me.

Dollicia ; Will you take my hand in Marriage?

bitch is badd
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I think I love my wife...

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

-- in fact I know! ((click image to see full scale photo))

good night / good morning
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Joe Vs. Tahiry

Dang!! I'm really starting to wonder why Joey keeps airing his business via. / worldstarhiphop. Imagine we actually were able to see that footage, instead of just watching Joe watch it on his computer! Just the volume of it, and the yelling and cussin' was intense as is. Imagine the picture... I really liked them as a couple. I wish them both the best.

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Numero Trois

The best way to see someone. Is by not looking at 'em

Coincidentally Jay-Z resembles my father. No! I am not just saying that because I think it's "cool" I'm being dead ass serious. I was always told so, when I was younger, but shooed it off because I wasn't the biggest Jay-Z fan. Mostly because of the beef between him and Nas. I suppose you can say I was a loyal Nasir fan. Call it whatever you like.... Anyway, I suppose I just wanted to share this photograph of Jay-Z. I'm in love with the "Blueprint 3" & if you've yet to get the album. Do so! If you like real music, something you'll enjoy bumpin' & tired of listening to Auto-tuned tracks. You'll like love it. Jay-Z owes me for advertising! lol I'm just rambling on because this is my blog, and I can pretty much do whatever I want with it. Peace bitches

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Toronto... Beautiful City... My Home...
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Money To Blow

See... it's not necessarily that Drake can't put out alright videos. He just needs a collabo to be able to do so. =/

I've always liked the snippet of this song. Before this point, I've never heard Wayne or his "daddy" on it; but I guess it's alright. I guess I just really like my "Drizzy Drake". =)

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

It Kills Me

Not fully educated about this young lady, but I've heard this song a couple of months back on the radio. I like it, it's very soulful. Which is something we don't get often from these new Artists in the industry. I came across the official music video browsing, & I thought I'd share. So enjoy.

I think I may have to purchase Melanie Fiona's album.
[funny to hear me say that, because until Joe Budden had dropped Padded Rooms, then Fabolous, dropped Loso's Way, then Jay-Z dropped Blueprint 3. I hadn't bought anyone's CD since my first year of high school.] I've certainly had the most recent CD's of the artists that I liked, but I obtained all of those by downloading. I suppose, you'll pay for what you really like...

Update: I've sat here listening to this song full blast through my headphones as I browsed the internet and started plugging the link to this blog on other websites. This song hits home, like so many other soulful r&b songs. Trouble with my friends, trouble in my life...

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The Journey

So this is my first official post on my new blog. I've created so many by these, in the hopes of finally choosing a title or URL that I'll be content with for... something like forever. I'm finally thinking of sticking to using a portion of my government name, and adding to it. "Lee", a portion of my real name... Success, a dream.. Sorry, I meant a goal. Something I am working towards & love; a four letter word that carries so much meaning, an overwhelming emotion or expression; & there we have it LoveLeeSuccess.

This blog was created, because I have a million and one blog sites already, and I'm pretty much all over the place. I post in one on Monday; another site the Wednesday, and a totally different site on the Saturday.... I want to be able to tell myself. Hey! You created this site, you're finally content with your screen name. Now it's time to stop searching, and start building. After all that is what I had planned out for myself. So Welcome to my new and official blog site. I'll be placing my URL on all my other blog sites and calling this my official home. Yay.

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